Kriton Glenn


Kriton Glenn

Kriton Glenn

Name: Kriton Glenn, Sa Bom

Position: World Moo Duk Kwan® Designee

Dan Bon: 23757


Postal: PO Box 4307, Manuka ACT 2603

Mobile: 62499379

Country: Australia

Biography: Started training in the Moo Duk Kwan in 1973 in Darwin under Master Bob Caputo, Dan Bon 17219,  in Darwin at the Old town hall. I sat my Cho Dan exam in 1978 and Sa  - Yuk Dan in with KJN HC Hwang Dan Bon 509.

I have had the good fortune to represent Australia and support the WMDK Symposia in Korea, USA, Argentina, Mexico, Australia, Malaysia and am currently the Chairman of the Australian Technical Advisory Committee.

We have 11 active Do Jangs across Australia.



Leonie M. Broman

Name: Leonie M Broman

Position: World Moo Duk Kwan® Designee (Deputy Position)

Dan Bon: 33219


Postal: 14A Fraser St Ormond VIC 3204 Australia

Mobile: (code for Aus) 0421604612

Country: Australia

Biography: Commenced training January 1988 in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. Achieved Cho Dan 1994.  Attended South East Asia Leadership Seminars from 1997 to current.  Participated in WMDK® 55th and 60th Anniversaries Korea.  Tested for Sa Dan/Sa Bom KDJSS 2004 Mobile, Alabama US.  Appointed dual Designee Australia 2006, appointed ASBDMDK TAC member.  Tested O Dan 2009 KDJSS Korea.  Relocated to Melbourne, Australia December 2006 and remain actively involved with ASBDMDK and WMDK®.

There are currently 13 active dojangs in Australia.
Contact the Australian Federation effective 1 June 2016 at

PO Box 285


ACT       2615


Official website:
My original MDK® Instructor is Master Chris Austin Dan Bon 22519, Darwin Australia.

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