Installment Payments
Complete Your Online Registration BEFORE Activating An Installment Payment Plan

Make sure you have completed your online registration for all events you plan to attend and that you know your total balance due BEFORE activating one of the installment payment plans.

When you have successfully completed online registration for each event that you plan to attend, then your name will appear in the online list of event attendees for each event and then you can activate an installment plan.

Installment Payment Options After completing online registration for the events you plan to attend (select manual payment during registration), then you can select an installment payment option that will complete your final payment before August 23, 2015.  Installment payments incur a US $3.50 convenience fee per payment.  Your payments will be transferred to the World Moo Duk Kwan. 

70th Anniversary Registration Fees
Enter the maximum amount you want to pay each month
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This  button will activate  an automatic payment of  US $ ENTER THE AMOUNT YOU WANT TO PAY each month until you stop the payments or request us to stop them for you. You may also be required to submit a variable amount final payment depending upon your total registration fees due.  For example, if your registration fees and convenience fees total $1600.00 and you chose this payment option and set your monthly payment amount at US $400 and make 3 payments, then you will need to make a final payment of  ($1600- $1200) = US $400

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