Kick-a-thon Prizes Reward Leadership Skills

Leadership  is a skill that is easily recognized by others, but not so easily instilled.

What can you do to develop better leadership skills?

There is no paint by numbers for leaders to follow to success.

Leaders gaze into the unknown and see not a chasm filled with fear and hesitation, lacking a bridge across with solid footing, rather leaders see a vivid image of their desired outcome across the way and they march bravely toward it.

"Fortune favors the bold."
-- Latin Proverb

Leadership evokes confidence and compels others to follow one who has bravely stepped out front and assumed the risk of failure by striving for a destination that is far out of sight for most. Leaders blaze a new path where none existed before and overcome all challenges along a journey fraught with obstacles and uncertainty as they move toward their goal.

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."
-- Ralph Waldo Emerson


Certainly, Moo Duk Kwan® Founder Hwang Kee embraced these concepts as he boldly blazed a trail through war torn Korea and into stepped into history guiding the students of his Moo Duk Kwan® martial art schools worldwide.

Every Studio Owner demonstrates their leadership skill every day. Every Studio Owner has undertaken the daunting challenge of finding students and then providing a place for them to train and learn. Sustaining a studio is a daily challenge fraught with obstacles that students are never aware of. Could you do what your instructor does if they passed tomorrow?

The best instructors forge the skills of their students with circumstances that may not have known responses, rather the challenge may require students to exercise critical thinking and adapt their actions and reactions on the fly.

Life and self defense situations are always unpredictable and the best students learn all they can in order to be prepared to overcome whatever challenges they may encounter. What can you learn from a Kick-a-thon?

The survival of our art is just as unpredictable as a self defense encounter and its future depends on the leadership skills of instructors and students. Can you prove that you have what it takes to contribute to our art's survival by being a leader?

Today, you have an opportunity to express your appreciation for the Founder's leadership initiative by exercising and demonstrating your own leadership initiative during the Kick-a-thons For the Moo Duk Kwan® campaign.

One opportunity to demonstrate your leadership skills in a measurable manner, is to activate your personal fundraiser page and then bravely take actions toward the goal you have set.

Summon your brave energy and step forward with purpose and confidence as you reach out within your community to find supporters for your cause and while you are doing so, be an advocate for your instructor and school.  The task before you is not much different than the one your instructor and Studio Owner must face everyday to keep your training location open for you. Are you up to the challenge?

Let no obstacle deter you from your course of action and on 12/31/2013 those with the strongest leadership skills will take home the prizes.  Will it be you?



Monitor Regional fundraising progress here


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