Kyo Bom Certification Introduction


  1. Excellent way to bring non instructors in more active roles. Will there be a retroactive policy? I never really had intentions of being an instructor after retiring from the Air Force, but still want to be active at gup and dan shim sa when I can. My health is NOT going to improve and attending a KDJSS is not in my immediate future. I like the idea of doing it locally during a TAC event. Thanks for sharing and posting. Let me know when you want to spread the word.

    Mr. B

  2. Hello Master Bonefont,

    There are still a number of aspects being clarified and only Designees and site admins should be able to view this post for now.

    This document was postal mailed to all designess, so I posted this mainly for reference and as a test of the access restriction feature to see if it is behaving as expected.

    You’ll be in the loop as this moves forward.

    Phil D

  3. Dear Sa Bom Nim Duncan,

    Thank you for the clarification.

    Mr. B.

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