Message To WMDK Designees
From Larry Seiberlich

Message To WMDK Designees From Larry Seiberlich.

At the 2015 Symposium, Glenn Sa Bom, representing Zone 1, introduced the idea that now is the time to develop a new/revised vision and thus a Mission 2025.  He kindly volunteered to coordinate the development of this document which will become, as did Mission 2000, our guide for many years to come.  This is an opportunity for all of you to help to create the future of the WMDK.

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World Moo Duk Kwan® Symposium a Success.

WMDK Designees, The 2014 WMDK Symposium held in San Juan, Puerto Rico, ended successfully yesterday, 9 November 2014.   One of the major Agenda Items was the coordination of the planning of the 70th Celebration in Korea.   This is an on-going action Item for the entire year and hopefully the (more…)

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