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WASATCH MARTIAL ARTS PRESENTS DECEMBER 29, 2022 Greetings Moo Duk Kwan and Tang Soo Do instructors, Happy New Year! I hope this letter finds you and yours in the best of health and spirits as we begin 2023. You and your students are cordially invited to participate at the 11th (more…)

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Etiquette in Soo Bahk Do Pt. 3 “The Dojang, the opening ceremony“- A Series by Steven Lemner, Sa Bom Nim, Chil Dan # 23703

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By Steven Lemner Etiquette in Soo Bahk Do Pt. 3 “The Dojang, the opening ceremony“ In this third installment I would like to share my insights to etiquette within a Dojang relating to the beginning ceremony of traditional classes. These concepts and etiquettes can apply to many traditional martial arts (more…)

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Second Virtual Seminar Zone 4, Yeon Kwan Seong, All Ranks, Sponsored by WMDK Mexico
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Fmsbd Soo Bahk Do Countries participating: Mexico, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Costa Rica, Chile, Uruguay and Panama Segundo Seminario Virtual Zona 4, clases impartidas por los Designados y TAC Nacionales. 23 de Octubre a las 14:00 hrs horario de la zona Central de México y 16 horas Argentina. Informes con (more…)

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