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The Philippine Moo Duk Kwan Soo Bahk Do Incorporated would like to thank this page for the opportunity to celebrate BEAUTY, ART and PEOPLE altogether. Truly, Moo Duk Kwan is alive, kicking and stronger at 56.

Our final tribute to all from the women editors in the Philippines. 'Til next time. Soo Bahk! 👊👧

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I was quite young when I started martial arts. I had interest to join coz I love watching movies having martial arts as a content and it was my brother who inspired me most to join in the club. Initially, I enrolled coz I just simply want to know how to defend myself. And being a woman, knowing how to defend yourself physically, I find it unique. As year passes by, as I also upgrade my belt status, I learned that it's more than that. It’s not just solely kicking and punching. I am able to build friendship with the people around me. It has helped me build my interpersonal personality. It taught me how to manage time and how to have a bunch of patience for the responsibilities at hand. It also trained me the importance of losing and how I can overcome it. It has imparted me discipline and most importantly the goodness and virtues that we all need to uphold.

I remembered when Master Bing led the training. He always let us sing a song where a part of the lyrics was “OBEY FIRST BEFORE COMPLAIN”. This phrase had a great impact on me when it comes to dealing with life. During work, I tend not to complain even if I find the task given to me was hard. I just worked on it as much as I can. I even asked advises from my workmates, until such time that surprisingly I was able to do the job done. Whatever situation I am on, I always look at it as a chance for improvement and another chance of learning.

Like earning a blackbelt degree, hardships come first before victories. Now that I am pursuing my dream profession, thru God’s will and these values Moo Duk Kwan have instilled in me, these will serve as one of the pillars that would sustain me in accomplishing what I started and be the best version of who I want to become.

Kyo Sa Joy Mae Dalumpines

Cho Dan # 48778

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