USA KO DAN JA SHIM SA BEGINS NOV 10th 2023 in Tulsa, Oklahoma - Empty your cup!

The 2023 U.S. Ko Dan Ja Shim Sa begins this Friday, November 10th in Tulsa, Oklahoma! Please join us in sending words of encouragement to our Ko Dan Ja candidates (listed below)! Your messages will be posted each morning for the candidates to see. Help lift them up and show your support by sending them well-wishes and inspirational messages. Please send your messages to


Testing for Chil Dan:

Richard Wilcox SBN - R9

Charles Smith SBN - R10

Testing for Yuk Dan:

James Bennett SBN - R6

Peter Murray SBN - R8

Jeff Mackey SBN - R1

William Trevino SBN - R2

Jennifer Resler SBN - R5

Elaine Phillips SBN - R2

Ray Sargeant SBN -AUS

Testing for O Dan:

Simon Cowie KSN (AUS)

Terri Vodden SBN - R9

Master Long Trinh - R8

Testing for Sa Dan:

Mr. Gregory Schneider - R9

Mr. Luke Sheid - R9

Cynthia Speedy KSN - R8

Raymond Houpt KSN - R3

Taylor Westley KSN - R8

Mr. Walter Tobin - R3

Melinda Maas KSN - R5

Brian Graham KSN - R6

Mr. Matthew Yarwood (AUS)

Thomas Christie JKN - R4

Rogelio Ramirez KSN - R6

Jeffery Vickers KSN - R5

Sending our best wishes, and anniversary wishes to our Kwan Jang Nim, H.C. Hwang, and his supporting Senior SAC/TAC and TAC assistants who will be there to support the candidates through their outstanding Moo Do Ja Seh, and strong Shim Gung.  Congratulations to all and have an outstanding Moo Do Week of training in one of the best martial arts in the world

Soo Bahk!


  • Roberto Bonefont

    Began training in 1967 at the age of 16, as a member of the Brooklyn Highland Park Y.M.C.A., under the guidance and training of Mr. Mike Masley, Jr., Dan Bon 10180, and tested for Cho Dan on June 18, 1969.  Now a certified 4th Dan Ko Dan Ja, and was issued his original testing date Dan Bon 13927 by Kwan Jang Nim H.C. Hwang based on his petition to honor that date and evidence showing Mr. Mike Masley and his instructors,  Mr. Robert Sohn, Dan Bon 6037 and Mr. Vincent Nunno, Dan Bon 7291, were legitimate representatives of the Founder, and Kwan Jang Nim Hwang Kee and the Korean Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Association in 1969.

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